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Savings Goal Builder

Achieving your financial dreams has never been easier. Our new Savings Goal Builder helps you reach your goals by virtually setting aside dollars within one account. Whether it's a vacation, a new gadget, or an emergency fund, you can track and grow your savings effortlessly. Try it now in our online banking and mobile app!

1. Open the mobile app or online banking

2. Go to "More" on the mobile app and select "Get Started" or "Add"

3. Tap "Savings Goal Builder" on the mobile; on desktop, located the Savings Goal Builder widget on the main online banking dashboard

4. Select the account type you wish to link to Savings Goal Builder

5. Add a savings goal - select from a ready-to-use goal or create your own goal

6. Give your goal a name (i.e. "Vacation")

7. Edit goal amount

8. Choose a start date