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Online Business Banking

Take opportunity and peace of mind with you wherever you go. Central Bank’s online business banking gives you an easy-to-access, cost-saving solution to better manage your business finances—all from your computer or mobile device. Review transactions, check images and statements, and get greater control of your business anytime, anywhere. Download the Online Business Banking PDF info sheet.

Mobile App

Use the “Central Bank Business Banking” App to approve ACH and wire transfers, check balances, and transfer money between accounts. Download the app today from the App Store or Google Play and log in with your online business banking information to get started.

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ACH and Wire Transfers*

Send money fast without leaving your desk. With online business banking, you can initiate and complete ACH and wire transfers right from your computer.

Bill Pay*

No more stamps, trips to the post office, or hand-written checks required. Set up one-time payments or automatic recurring payments, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Stop Payments*

Complete stop payment requests on individual checks or a range of checks without making a trip to the bank.

Remote Deposit*

Scan your checks and send them to us electronically to deposit into your checking account.

Multiple-User Access

Create multiple users in online business banking, each with their own secure access so you can assign employees different levels of access and transaction limits as needed.

Custom Alerts

Set up automatic email alerts so you’ll know when your account balance rises or falls below a specified amount.

Export Data

Effortlessly export your financial data from online business banking to comma delimited format (CSV) and popular ­financial management applications, including QuickBooks™.

Safe and Secure

We use advanced security measures, so you can bank with confidence. Rest assured your personal information and transactions are kept safe and secure.

*Additional Fees Apply

Get Online Business Banking Today

Talk to a Customer Service Representative at any of our offices to initiate the enrollment process. Keep in mind that you must have a Commercial Business Checking Account to utilize this service.

Online Business Banking Services and Fees

Online Business Banking Services and Fees


Mobile Deposit


ACH Setup

$50 (one time)

ACH Option


ACH Item


ACH Batch


Wire Transfer Option


Bill Pay


Positive Pay


Remote Deposit Service Charges

Remote Deposit


Deposit Item


Return Items (charge backs)



Other service fees, such as those for wire transfers, stop payments, account research requests, photocopy requests, etc., may apply and will be charged as indicated in the Central Bank business fee schedule.

Some restrictions may apply.

Corporate Sweep Account

Designed for accounts with high-dollar balances, the Central Bank Corporate Sweep Account lets you manage your cash flow and maximize interest earnings.

How It Works

You set a target balance to keep in your business checking account. After each business day, your checking account debits and credits are calculated to arrive at your net balance, which is then compared to your predetermined target balance.

  • If your net checking balance is greater than your target balance, excess funds automatically move to your selected investment account
  • If your net checking balance is less than your target balance, funds move back from your chosen account to cover the shortage

To learn more about Corporate Sweep, talk to an officer at any of our convenient locations.

Funds deposited to a Business Sweep Account are not FDIC insured. The funds are secured by government bonds held by the bank for this purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which wire transfer systems does Online Business Banking interface with?
We use a Fedwire formatted ­file that imports directly into the Fedline system.

Can I upload ACH files created with my own software?
Yes, you may upload ACH ­files and process them through our administration platform.

Can I see which individual at my company performed each transaction?
Yes, transaction logging information is recorded in Online Business Banking and is accessible using the Activity Reporting feature.