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Safe Deposit Boxes

Download the Safe Deposit Box Info Sheet here

Safe Deposit Boxes Prices and Fees:

Keep your important documents and priceless objects under lock and key with a simple and affordable safe deposit box. There’s no better place to store your valuables.

2″ x 5″ box – $12.50/year

3″ x 5″ box – $15.75/year

4″ x 5″ box – $19.00/year

5″ x 5″ box – $23.00/year

3″ x 10″ box – $31.50/year

5″ x 10″ box – $47.50/year

10″ x 10″ box – $89.00/year

$30 Keys Deposit (returned to you when you return the keys)

Lost Key Drilling Fee – $100+

*The sizes of safe deposit boxes vary, depending on office location. Not all of the sizes listed above are available at every office. Please call to verify.


What can you put in a safe deposit box?

Consider storing items like birth or marriage certificates, property deeds and titles, insurance policies, fine jewelry, collectibles, irreplaceable family photos and heirlooms, and stock or bond certificates.


What items shouldn’t be stored in a safe deposit box?


Consider keeping items out of a safe deposit box if you think you may need to retrieve them in an emergency, or if your survivors are likely to need them immediately after you die. While it is very secure, a safe deposit box is not a good place to keep cash because it would not be FDIC insured — a savings account is a much better solution for saving money.


Who can access your safe deposit box?

Anyone whose name is on the rental contract will have access. An official court order would be necessary for anyone else to get access, including bank employees.