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Merchant Services and Payment Processing

Make credit card processing simple and convenient for you and your customers. Easily accept credit card transactions with our full range of merchant services to help you better serve your customers. Customers want convenience, flexibility, and a selection of payment options. Our Central Bank merchant services officers will work personally with you to develop a payment processing solution that will meet the needs of your business.

Download our Merchant Services PDF Info Sheet here.

What is Merchant Services by Central Bank?

Merchant Services are often referred to as, credit card processing or payment processing. It allows businesses to streamline their payment processing by accepting various forms of electronic payments, such as credit and debit card transactions, both in-store and online. By using Merchant Services, businesses can simplify their payment processes and offer more flexible payment options to their customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Central Bank’s Merchant Services and Payment Processing

  • We’re locally based in Utah County. We respond quickly and with personal customer support.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable personal customer support and training  Central Bank Utah - Merchant Services and Payment Processing
  • Payment processing through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay
  • Card processing solutions tailored to your business
    • Point-of-sale
    • PC-based
    • E-Commerce/internet
    • Wireless
    • Mail order/phone order
    • Mobile/smart-phone processing
  • User-friendly, EMV-ready, cutting-edge equipment
  • Competitive, transparent fee structure
  • Optional breach/fraud insurance at a low monthly premium
  • Free Business Checking available
  • Online reporting tools available
  • Free customer service help desk 24/7

During Business Hours: 801-655-2125

After Business Hours: 800-654-9256


Central Bank Utah - Jesse Berry - Merchant Services

Jesse Berry

Merchant Services Officer

As Merchant Services Officer, Jesse Berry assists large and small businesses with their payment processing needs. Berry is dedicated to providing customers with the best technology, pricing, and customer service possible. Contact Jesse to learn more about our merchant capabilities.

(801) 655-2125  |  [email protected]

Central Bank - Matt Carter - Bankcard Manager

Matt Carter

Credit Card Services Manager

As Credit Card Services Manager, Matt Carter oversees our credit card and merchant services departments. Carter is dedicated to providing customers and employees with the best customer service, pricing, and technology available. Contact Matt to learn more about our credit card or merchant services capabilities.

(801) 655-2119  |  [email protected]